NEET exam result under question! Will the exam be cancelled or conducted again? Know the answer to every question that comes to your mind

NEET UG exam is in the news this time. This time 67 candidates have topped this exam. Apart from this, many toppers have emerged from the same center. There is a ruckus about them. Now this matter has reached the Supreme Court. Many petitions have been filed in the court. On which hearing was also held today. Now the next hearing in the Supreme Court will be on 08 July. At present, the court has not banned counseling. Let us know what are the big questions related to the NEET exam held this time?

This time around 24 lakh students appeared in the NEET UG exam. Out of these, more than 13 lakh students have been successful. This year the registration process for the exam was from 9 February to 10 April 2024. The exam was conducted on 5 May 2024. While the results of the exam have been declared on 4 June. There has been an uproar since the scores of the candidates came out.

Question- Why is there so much commotion over the NEET exam results?

Answer- Ever since the results of NEET UG 2024 were declared, many controversies have arisen regarding the exam. Students, parents and political parties have also expressed their opposition. Students have alleged that there was a mistake in their OMR sheet and there were some questions in the exam whose two answers were considered correct. This time the candidates have got very high marks in the exam.  Some people have also expressed apprehension of irregularities in the examination.

Question- How can there be so many toppers in NEET exam?

Answer- This year 67 students have topped, which is the highest number in history. Usually only one or two students top, but this time 67 students have got the highest rank. Grace marks have been given this time.

Question- How can multiple candidates from the same exam centre top the exam?

Answer- The agency has said that some exam centers did not get enough time for the exam. Students of these centers complained that they were not given time. After which, on the recommendation of a committee, more than 1500 students were given grace marks. Out of these, 6 students of the same exam center got grace marks whose marks were much higher than the first.

Question- How did the candidates get 718 and 719 marks?

Answer- On this question, the National Testing Agency said that due to grace marks, the students’ scores were 718 and 719. Due to the normalization formula, students got different grace marks.

Question- How did the exam results come before the expected date?

Answer- The entire focus of the National Testing Agency is that the results of the examination should be declared as soon as possible. The results are declared soon after the answer key challenge process is over. In such a situation, the result was ready, so the results were released before the expected date.

Question- Will the result of NEET exam be declared cancelled?

Answer- Many petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court regarding the exam. Hearings were held today and the court has sought a reply from the NTA. The next hearing will be held on July 08. However, the counseling process has not been stopped. No decision has been taken yet. At present, no official announcement has been made regarding the cancellation of the exam.

Question- Will the NEET exam be conducted again?

Answer- National Testing Agency had said this in the past. At some examination centers, marks were increased as compensation for wasted time, due to which some students got 718 and 719 marks and 6 candidates became toppers. This problem was limited to 6 centers and only 1600 students were affected. No paper was leaked and the entire examination process was transparent. A committee has been formed whose report will be used for further decision.

Question- Can the Supreme Court put a stay on NEET counselling in the next hearing?

Answer- It will depend on how satisfied the Supreme Court is with the answer of NTA. If the court is not satisfied, then the counseling is expected to be stopped for once. If the court is satisfied with the answer, then the process will continue as it is.  

Question- Were the NEET exam papers leaked?

Answer- The Director General of the National Testing Agency had told a few days ago that there were complaints of time wastage at some centres. But the paper has not been leaked.

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