Never speak such words in an interview, they are considered ‘Red Flag’, they will spoil your impression.

Mistakes To Avoid in An Interview: If you go for a job anywhere, the interview is an important part without which selection does not take place. Before selection, one has to talk to the recruiter at least once. During this, not only your ability, your degree, your experience are tested, your behaviour, mentality and thoughts are also tested. How you talk, what experiences you share about previous jobs and what are your plans for the future, all these issues can be discussed.

In such a situation, it is important for you to keep some things in mind. What not to say becomes more important than what to say. Some sentences, some words ‘Red Flag’ Come under the category of. By using these, your chances of reducing your marks will increase.

Don’t express yourself as complete

No matter how big a place you have come from or how difficult an exam you have passed, never say that you know everything when the person in front of you asks. There is no scope for improvement in you or I think I know almost everything in this field, such answers spoil your impression, avoid them.

Don’t use sentences like I am very hardworking, or I work with perfection, they take you into the negative category.

Don’t say bad things about your old job

Wherever you go for a job, do not say bad things about your old job or your old boss. Never blame anyone else for leaving or changing jobs. Even if you want to tell something, say it in short, concise, clear and respectful words.

Try to express your views but do not let anything wrong about the other person come out of your mouth. Taking responsibility for your work or your mistakes shows that you are accountable and do not shy away from your shortcomings. It makes a good impression on you.

Don’t even use this kind of sentence

Many times people give a straight answer to many questions that I don’t know. Avoid giving such answers. If you really don’t have any knowledge about it, then in a soft way ask them to explain or elaborate on it. Or give such an answer that I don’t know what is the correct answer but we can try to work in this way, then maybe the matter will be resolved.

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