New Year 2024: They may lose their jobs in the new year, because of this there is danger looming!

Jobs That Can Be Replaced: There are many jobs which do not have security. Jobs can be lost here at any time. There are many reasons behind this like cost cutting, recession and nowadays a new reason has also emerged. This reason is AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. For some time now, discussions have been taking place in the job market that there are some jobs in which humans will not be required in the future. They will be replaced by AI or robots.   Although nothing can be said with certainty about when this will happen, people from some fields need to be careful.

What are those jobs

According to various media reports, some jobs like those which involve repetitive work i.e. the same work, in which everything is set and the format of work never changes, such jobs can be easily replaced by AI. p>

For example telemarketers, bank tellers, travel agents, cashiers, factory workers, data entry operators/clerks, drivers, accountants, customer support representatives, paralegals, radiologists, librarians, market research analysts, receptionists, proof reading, retail services, Courier service etc.

These jobs may survive

Work that involves emotion, work that involves creativity. AI cannot replace these tasks today or even in the future because it cannot think like the brain. AI is still lagging behind in the new innovations made by scientists. In the future, it is possible that such robots may also be developed which have some ability to think and understand like humans, but right now this seems far-fetched.

What is the option

One option is to prepare yourself for the future and learn AI. How to work easily with its help, how to make full use of it. Make your profile strong by learning these things. Apart from this, look for options for such tasks which are done like a robot, like repeating the same message on the phone, counting money, reconciling accounts, filling data, etc. The day is not far when humans will not be needed for these. 

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