​​NMC gave relief to students, if medical colleges did this then it would be fine, know

In view of the highhandedness of medical colleges, the National Medical Commission has taken an important decision. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the interests of the students. The National Medical Commission has issued an order saying that medical colleges should provide hostel facilities to post graduation students, but they cannot pressurize them to stay here. No medical college can impose its rules on students regarding their stay in hostel. The commission has warned the colleges citing the Post Graduate Medical Regulation 2023. NMC has said that if medical colleges do not follow these rules, strict action will be taken against the colleges.

Actually, the National Medical Commission was continuously receiving complaints that some medical colleges were pressurizing PG students to stay in hostels. For which heavy fees are also being demanded from them. Which is completely against the rules. NMC said that hostel fees should be justified and students should also have options. If he wishes as per his own wish, he can stay in hostel or any other place.  

The Commission, citing Sections 9.1 and 9.2 of Regulation 2023, has said that if any medical college does not follow these rules, a heavy fine can be imposed on it. Besides, seats in that college can also be reduced. Apart from this, the admission process can also be stopped. It has also been said by the commission that students cannot be mentally harassed. Hostel facility is optional for students. According to the need, the student can decide where he wants to live.

You will get so much paid leave

Let us tell you that recently the National Medical Commission had issued guidelines keeping in mind the mental health of post graduation students. According to which every medical college and hospital will have to give weekly off to PG students. Apart from this, he will also be given paid leave of 1 year and 20 days. These students will work as full time resident doctors.

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