Now students of other universities can also study in DU, facility will be available under this scheme

Delhi University Competence Enhancement Scheme: If you had a desire to study in Delhi University and it was not fulfilled, then under this scheme you can fulfill your dream. can do. DU is giving an opportunity to such students who have studied from somewhere else but now they can complete their two papers from Delhi University. This facility is for second and fourth semester students. Online application can be made for this. The second good thing about this facility is that a person of any age can apply for it. This facility is for those candidates who missed their studies.

The facility was started on completion of 100 years

The benefit of this facility is under ‘Competence Enhancement Scheme’ Can be picked up under. Let us tell you that on completion of its hundred years, DU had launched many schemes last year. One of them was that the students (who were from DU) who could not complete their studies due to some reason, can take admission again under sanitary chance and can complete their studies from where they had left. Along with this, this scheme was also started in which students from other places can complete two papers from here.

Along with PG, UG students also get a chance

Earlier this facility was available only for PG students, however from this year onwards UG i.e. undergraduate students can also avail its benefit. Apart from this, this facility is for all subjects. This means that you can complete the paper of any subject of your choice during this period. Applications for this have started from tomorrow i.e. 3rd January.

The number of students may increase this time

Let us tell you that last time a total of 53 students had taken the ‘Competence Enhancement Scheme’. Had applied under but there were only three students who took admission to complete the course. However, this time when this facility is being provided to PG as well as UG students, it is expected that this time the number of students may increase. 

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