Question… How many types of juices are there? Will hold the head after hearing the student’s answer

Board examinations have ended in many states and the work of checking copies is going on. Till now the answers given by the children of Bihar Board were rapidly gaining headlines on social media. But now the answers given by students of other boards have also started going viral. Answers of MP Board students are going viral on social media. Teachers checking copies of board exams are getting different types of answers.

Hinglish found after viewing English paper

According to reports, in the Hindi paper of MP Board, how many types of juices were asked? To which a student replied that sugarcane juice, mango juice, orange juice. At the same time, when a student talked about being sick, another student even swore on God and requested to pass the exam himself. At the same time, some students have answered the questions asked in Sanskrit paper in Hindi. Apart from this, in the English paper, students even gave answers in Hinglish.

Leave questions in Chemistry Physics

Reports suggest that the Chemistry paper was very difficult, due to which many students left even the objective questions. Apart from this, students have also written many chemical formulas and other equations wrongly. Apart from this, students have also left many questions in Physics.

Ongoing work of evaluation of copies

Let us tell you that at present the work of evaluation of copies of class 10th and 12th of MP Board is going on. During this time, strange answers are being seen in the copies. Which are given by the students.

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