Republic Day 2024 Speech: Have to prepare a speech for 26 January? Note these tips, applause will not stop after the speech!

Try These Speech Ideas For Republic Day 2024: If you are giving a speech in school on Republic Day and do not understand how to prepare an effective speech, then let us help you. Today we will discuss some points with you with the help of which you will be able to prepare a good speech. For this you will have to do some research and work hard, but believe me, the result will be such that everyone will be in awe. Know some such ideas.

The speech should be authentic
The first point of making the speech special is that do not copy and paste it from anywhere. Take the idea but implement it yourself. Collect facts with the help of internet but give it the form of speech yourself, then it will become authentic. This time the nation is celebrating the 75th Republic Day. In this respect too, this time’s Republic Day is special.

Don’t waste time on history

The Constitution of India came into force three years after the country’s independence, i.e. in 1950. Give a little glimpse of this time and its struggle in your speech but do not spend too much time narrating the history. This reduces the interest of the audience. Briefly state the important facts and move ahead. Along with this, we can tell what happens in the celebration of this day, the information of which we are giving you.

What happens on this day

Every year at Rajpath Republic Day is celebrated, this year too it will happen and it will start with the hoisting of the tricolor by the President. After the national anthem and flag hoisting, a 21-gun salute will be given. Tableaux will be displayed on Rajpath and all three armies will show their strength. Ashoka Chakra and Kirti Chakra will be given.

Talk about achievements

Discuss the achievements the country has made during this period. Talk about everything from the country’s economy to the successes achieved in the field of science. Do pay tribute to the freedom fighters and remember their contribution. Talk about the importance of the Constitution. Talk about fundamental rights and discuss various schemes. Also talk about the issues which are important for the country like global warming, poverty, unemployment, inequality etc. 

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