These are the top 5 universities of the world, if you get admission here, you will earn crores!

Top 5 Universities In The World: When students want to study abroad, this question definitely comes in their mind that which is the best place to study. Which university is considered good and what is the reason behind it? Every year QS World Ranking and World University Ranking release the list of best universities. Only a few universities make it to this list every year. Let us know how they are selected and which universities are in the top five.

Which are the top universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – This university comes first in this list. It is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was established in 1861. It is known for its research programs. The acceptance rate here is very low at 7.3 percent. It is tough to get admission here.

University of Cambridge –It is considered to be one of the oldest universities, whose origin dates back to 1209. This is the fourth oldest university in the world which is in UK. It is not easy to get admission here.

Stanford University –It is a private research university which was formed in 1891. It is situated in the Silicon Valley of Northern California. The faculty student ratio here is better. If you get admission here, career growth is very good.

University of Oxford – This university is in Oxford, England. Its name also comes among the oldest universities of the world. It is also known for research and by getting admission here you can study with some of the best minds of the world.

Howard University –This is also one of the oldest universities in the world. It is in USA and was built in 1636. How many students from India and abroad come here to study every year. From Law to Maths, every subject is taught excellently here.

If selection is done then you will earn big money

It is not easy to get admission in all these universities but once you get admission then consider your career set. The students here are accepted all over the world and as soon as they come out of here, they earn crores.

These universities are selected on many grounds like academics, teaching performance, teacher-student ratio, research opportunities, global reputation etc. They are given world ranking only after examining many aspects. 

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