These fields are the first choice of children from rural areas, the report revealed

Every child cherishes a dream for his life. Now recently a report has come out. In which it has been revealed what the youth of rural India dream of becoming in their life. Actually, Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) 2023- Beyond Basics has recently released a report. In which it has been revealed that most of the youth of rural India dream of police, army, teaching, medical and engineering. 

What do rural youth think about their career?
In rural India, most of the boys want to make their career in Army and Police, whereas girls look for their career in teaching and medical fields. Rural youth have less interest in agriculture, IAS and IPS. 

21 percent of the youth do not have any dream
One special thing has come out in this survey, in fact, the maximum population of youth in rural areas i.e. 21 percent is such that they do not know that In which field they want to make their career? At the same time, there are youth aged between 14 to 18 years who do not want to do any work. However, the population of youth who have this desire is only 2 percent. The population of youth who want to make a career in agriculture and sports is very less. 

How many youth want government jobs
While most of the youth in the country want government jobs, this report has revealed that only 4.6 percent youth from rural areas want government jobs. Are. Whereas the number of rural youth who want private jobs is only 1.6 percent.                                                                       

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