This is how Hindi medium students of class 10th can prepare for board exams, they get help from these institutes

Class 10 Board Exam Preparation: Whether it is preparation for class 10 board exam or preparation for competitive exam, coaching institutes can prove to be very helpful for both. Some people choose self study while some take the help of experts. If you are also in the second category, then you can choose from many institutes from Aakash to Byju’s, Unacademy and Physics Wala.

Lectures are available in many languages

Everyone has their own way of designing the course structure or classes for the preparation of various subjects of class 10th. But there are some facilities that can be found everywhere. Like lectures in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. To know which institute will provide what facilities, you will have to go to the website of that particular institute and check the details. Generally Byju’s offers lectures in English but subtitles are also available in Hindi and other languages.

Similarly, you will get lectures in both Hindi and English languages ​​in Aakash. Here you also get lectures in mixed language i.e. Hinglish. Unacademy also provides lectures in both Hindi and English languages. In this way, Hindi medium students also do not face any problem in preparation.

Preparation for competitive exams also takes place along with it

Candidates can choose the course as per their choice. These courses are mostly designed keeping in mind competitive exams like JEE and Mains. They give you in-depth knowledge of the subjects which also helps in preparing for board exams. There are dedicated lectures on every subject and many topics of every subject which can be attended.

Live class or recorded class

Just like Byju’s has live classes, at many places, along with live classes, recorded lectures are also made available to the students. They can choose them according to their convenience. Along with this, if you are busy somewhere else, you can attend the class later through recorded lectures. Along with this, videos of various subjects are available on the website with the help of which any subject can be understood in detail at any time.

Along with this, they also have doubt clearing sessions. You can ask your questions in these sessions. The student can choose the course as per his/her choice and has to pay the fees accordingly.

Where and how much fees

Aakash’s fee for class 10th as well as JEE preparation is 45 thousand rupees for one year. Byju’s live classes, learning app, recorded videos have different fees. For class 10th, the monthly fee can be between 3 to 5 thousand according to the course. JEE NEET fee is up to 50 thousand annually. In Physics, batches are formed according to the board and the fees are accordingly. It can be up to 63 thousand for one year and up to 2.5 lakh for two years.

In this series, the fees of Unacademy classes are less. Here preparation can be done for up to Rs 1500 per month. Unacademy also runs free lectures with the help of which you can also prepare. 

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