Which state has the most paper leaks? Now the crackdown on fraudsters will be tightened, there will be a punishment of 10 years!

Lok Sabha Passes Bill On Paper Leak:Candidates study hard for a long time and give the paper. Sometimes before giving the paper and sometimes during it, incidents like paper leak and cheating come to light. Thousands, lakhs of candidates are affected by this. Cancellation of examination, re-conducting and many other long processes start because of some fraudsters. However, now the government has become strict regarding these matters and now strict action will be taken against those who leak papers and cheat."text-align: justify;">Bill passed in Lok Sabha

A bill in this regard has been passed in the Lok Sabha. Many proposals have been given, of which this is the most stringent. If caught, the person leaking the paper can be jailed for 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 1 crore can be imposed. This step has been taken to stop cheating in public examinations.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh says that due to this, meritorious students will not have to compromise and they will be able to avoid losses due to this fraud. The process of re-exam is not so easy, hence the candidates bear the punishment of others’ mistakes for a long time.

What is the condition of which state

After this bill, it was also considered that in which state the maximum number of paper leak cases are reported. According to the report of Indian Express, Rajasthan is at the top in paper leak cases. In this report, paper leak cases of the last five years were studied. 15 states were included in this. About 1.4 crore candidates had participated in these examinations, who appeared for 1.04 lakh posts.

How many cases were reported

The report further states that seven paper leak cases were reported in Rajasthan. 6 thousand posts were to be filled through these recruitment examinations and 8 lakh candidates had appeared in it.

After this the name of Bihar comes up. Here in 2022, BPSC had canceled the pre-examination in which more than 6 lakh candidates had participated. There was news of leak of UPTET exam paper 2021 in UP in which 20 lakh candidates had appeared. Class 10th paper was leaked in Andhra Pradesh.

Here’s the list

The list of how many cases occurred in which state is as follows.

Rajasthan – 7

Telangana – 5

Madhya Pradesh – 5

Telangana – 5

Uttarakhand – 4

Bihar – 3

J&K – 3

Gujarat – 3

Haryana – 2

Maharashtra – 2

Karnataka – 2

Arunachal Pradesh – 1

Assam – 1

Jharkhand – 1

Odisha – 1

Uttar Pradesh – 1

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