Bigg Boss 17: Video of Abhishek Kumar coming back to show in ‘style’ goes viral | Watch

Bigg Boss 17 contestant Abhishek Kumar is the most talked about contestant at the moment. Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar joined the show on the first day and have been at loggerheads since then. But after Samarth Jurel joined the show, dynamics between the two went for a toss.¬†Recently, after a major argument, Abhishek Kumar broke the biggest rule of Bigg Boss. Samarth Jurel also came between Abhishek and Isha and started poking the former. The matter escalated to such an extent that Abhishek Kumar lost his temper and getting angry at Samarth’s actions, slapped him hard. Due to this reason, he was evicted.

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