24 year old video of Hrithik Roshan’s wedding goes viral, see how there was a tussle during the jai mala

Hrithik Roshan, who is called the Greek God of Bollywood, remains in the headlines not only for his films but also for his love life and his marriage. Although Hrithik Roshan is divorced from his first wife and both are happy with their partners in their respective lives. But still their friendship and bonding for children is worth praising. Amidst the discussion of this friendship, we are going to show you a video of their wedding which is becoming quite viral these days. In this, there is a tug of war during the garland exchange. So after that Hrithik tells Suzanne what is in his heart and then both of them dance. So let us also show you this viral video of Hrithik and Suzanne’s wedding-

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Something like this happened at Hrithik Roshan Sussanne Khan’s wedding
A video of Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan’s wedding has been shared on a page named hrithik_roshan_fc007 on Instagram. In this video, Hrithik and Suzanne are seen putting garlands on each other in a funny way during the varmala and after that Hrithik Roshan tells Suzanne that we will be together in every difficult time and Suzanne also agrees to this. After this, both are seen dancing holding each other’s hands. This throwback video of Suzanne and Hrithik’s wedding is becoming increasingly viral on social media and more than 29000 people have liked it.

Hrithik and Suzanne’s love story was love at first sight
According to reports, before Hrithik Roshan became a superstar, he fell in love with Suzanne Khan after seeing her at a party. Then both of them became friends and Hrithik used to write letters to her during that time. It is said that when Hrithik and Suzanne started dating each other, at that time Hrithik Roshan did not have enough money to pay the bill of his dates, so Suzanne used to take him on dates. After this, Hrithik Roshan became a superstar overnight with the film Kaho Naa Pyar Hai and soon after the success of this film, they got married on 20 December 2000. They have two children. But a week before their 13th wedding anniversary, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan ended their relationship.

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