A new promo came out regarding the release date of Mirzapur 3, this time Guddu Bhaiya gave this hint

The web series Mirzapur has a huge fan following on the OTT platform. The question on everyone’s mind about this series is when will it be released. For many days, there have been reports that Mirzapur Season 3 is coming soon. Many dates are also being announced but no one is telling the real thing that when will the web series be released. Now the makers have released another promo. In this too, Ali Fazal is seen creating an atmosphere around the date but he too did not give a single update about the new season.

Ali Fazal says in the new promo. Date date date…you have come to find a date, right? I also thought that I will get a date. But these smart people behind the scenes will first make me play, then make me wander and then make me suffer, then we will have to appear in court. There we will have a face to face conversation. After this, Mirzapur is written. This promo has been shared on an Instagram page named Mirzapur. Its caption reads, you are coming to the court to find out a date, right?

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There are a lot of mixed reactions from people on this. One wrote, brother, the web series is as powerful as the hype you are creating, isn’t it? One said, if the web series turns out to be just a gimmick, the public will not forgive it. One wrote, Prime people, match the expectation level as much as the hype you are creating. One said, dates after dates have been passed but the right date has not been given.

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