Aarti Singh was seen crying bitterly on farewell, fans’ eyes became moist after watching the video

Popular TV actress and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Aarti Singh is married. Aarti married Navi Mumbai businessman Deepak Chauhan on 25 April. Now different wedding videos are going viral on social media. Till now you must have seen pictures of Haldi, Mehndi and wedding, now we are going to show you a video of one of the most emotional moments of the wedding. Seeing the emotions of Aarti in this video, perhaps your eyes will start watering. Actually, Aarti shared a video of her farewell ceremony on Instagram on May 3. Seeing Aarti crying in this video, the hearts of her fans also became sad.

In the viral video you will see that Aarti becomes emotional while hugging her family members. Aarti’s mother and brother Krishna also looked very emotional. While coming out, Aarti throws rice backwards and after this is unable to stop herself. Aarti’s sister-in-law Kashmira Shah’s eyes also looked moist. All the people present there on this occasion were feeling emotional in this moment of Aarti.

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While sharing this video, Aarti wrote, Goodbyes are very difficult but Deepak, like always, you gave me courage this time too. This video is also making internet users emotional. One fan wrote, after watching the video it felt as if it was a wedding at home. One wrote, the way your brother captured this moment. Eyes started watering. One said, we all enjoyed your wedding very much. Your videos of all the rituals were wonderful.

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