Abdu is very sad with the negative comments coming on the engagement photo, said – You are making fun of me, who knows tomorrow…

Abdu Rojik, who has become the darling of entire India since Bigg Boss, has got engaged. Abdu shared this good news with all his fans and loved ones through Instagram. On one hand, there was a flood of congratulations for him, on the other hand, there were some people who troubled him mentally and tried to ruin his happy moment. Responding to some such people, Abdu shared a video on Instagram and talked to them. Abdu also wrote a long post along with the video. In this Abdu wrote, Thanks to all those who congratulated me on my engagement, they made this moment memorable for me, but in the meantime something also happened which I felt very bad.

Abdu wrote, people are making fun of me. They are writing negative comments for me. This is a very sad thing. Unfortunately, these moments are turning from the best moments of my life to a nightmare for me. People who cannot see or have no arms and legs also get married but you are making fun of me because I am short. My health is good and I also deserve to be happy.

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He wrote, please respect each other because we do not know how our children will be in future. Your crude jokes can cause great harm to someone mentally. We need to learn to love, be kind to others only then we can teach someone.

Abdu said, I used to feel ashamed of my height and wonder why I am like this. Families used to hide their children like mine but now everyone like me is coming forward. They are moving forward with courage and the society is accepting them.

Abdu said in the video, I had told Amira’s family that I wanted to post a photo on social media that I got engaged but people made bad comments on the photo. Amira and her family are watching all this.

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