Actress seen demanding comfortable bier in death scene, BTS video is funnier than any comedy scene

Usually, when you see a death scene on the screen, your eyes become moist. No matter how strong one is, there are some scenes which make one’s eyes wet for a moment, but when these scenes are shot, is there a similar atmosphere on the set? The answer to this is given by this video which is currently going viral on the internet and is being watched. Actress Anjana Singh showed the truth of this scene from the set and believe me, people are laughing a lot after seeing how the actress is comfortably sitting on the bier in full make-up and people are making loud noises in the scene preparing for her last journey. .

When Anjana Singh rode on the bier

Actress Anjana Singh shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram. In this video you will see that she is sitting on the bier and is busy talking to everyone on the set. The funniest thing was that once Anjana said that it would have been better if Sir had made it a little more comfortable. On this a person from the set says that there is a car… then Anjana says that it would have been better if she had gone by bicycle. Lying down, Anjana says to a person, Sir, you will remember me…you all will remember. Even after saying this, Anjana does not stop and says friends, remember me in your prayers. Sir, do you also want to put cotton in your nose?

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When the video went viral, there was a flood of comments.

This video of Anjana is going viral on social media. People are making funny comments on this. One wrote, Madam, do you want to sleep on the bier, you are looking for a comfortable one. One wrote, for the first time in my life, I am seeing that even the coffin of the dead should be comfortable, ma’am. One said, Ma’am, you are also amazing, do great shooting. One wrote, don’t shoot like this, you may live thousands of years.

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