After father’s death, there was a need to sell even the household items, today the annual earning is Rs 36 crore, now stars are lining up to work together.

Rohit Shetty, known as an action director in Bollywood, is celebrating his birthday today. Rohit Shetty was born on 14 March 1974 in Mumbai. Rohit recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Rohit is now counted among the big directors of Bollywood. But it was not always like this. He had to work very hard to become a director. After hard work, Rohit Shetty is now the owner of crores. There was a time when he got his first salary of only Rs 35. After meeting him he was lost in thought. Today, on the occasion of Rohit’s birthday, let us tell you some special things related to his life.

The situation had worsened after the death of his father.

Both of Rohit Shetty’s parents were from the industry. Rohit’s father was stunt director MB Shetty and his mother Ratna Shetty also worked as a junior artist in Bollywood. Rohit’s situation worsened when his father passed away. At that time Rohit was only in 5th class. After the death of his father, the financial condition of Rohit’s house had deteriorated. Due to poverty, even his household goods were sold.

This much was the first salary

Rohit had told in an interview that his first salary was Rs 35. After meeting him, he was wondering whether he should eat food with it or pay the fare. After working hard for many years, Rohit’s days changed and he started working as an assistant director. Gradually he progressed in his career and has now become a successful director.

This much is the net worth

Rohit Shetty, whose first earning was Rs 35, now earns crores per month. According to the report of, Rohit Shetty’s net worth is Rs 248 crore. Talking about his annual earnings, he earns Rs 36 crores annually. If we talk about his monthly earnings, he earns around Rs 3 crore.

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