After mother-in-law, Ankita Lokhande’s sister-in-law’s attack, told Salman Khan – What is being seen on TV is not good…

Bigg Boss 17 Last Weekend Ka Vaar Promo: The last weekend ka vaar of Bigg Boss 17 has arrived, in which Salman Khan will be seen not only giving classes to the housemates but also asking questions to his family. Actually, this week the family members of the current contestants will come on stage and the host will ask them questions. The promo of the same has surfaced, in which Salman Khan is seen asking questions to Vicky Jain’s sister-in-law i.e. Ankita Lokhande’s sister-in-law on the statement made by her mother-in-law to the media.

Actually, in the promo of the upcoming episode, Salman Khan meets Vicky Jain’s sister-in-law and asks what is your point of view on the relationship between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. On this she says that some things between them are not looking good on TV. Further Salman says that Vicky’s mother had told the media that she was always against the marriage of Vicky and Ankita, on which Ankita’s mother says that this shocked me too.

Apart from this, according to The Khabari, while talking to Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar, Vicky Jain’s sister-in-law said about Ankita Lokhande that this marriage has taken place against the family, we were not even ready, actresses were not wanted. This is intercaste marriage. However, after this Salman Khan was seen defending Ankita Lokhande.

Let us tell you, in an interview given to Zoom, the in-laws and father-in-law also revealed that they never wanted Vicky to marry Ankita. “We were not in support. We have nothing to do with it. Seeing all this. But we are not telling him anything. He will come and improve his household himself. If he is the one who has messed it up then he will correct it himself. And we are confident that Vicky will do everything.

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