Aham ji got Pushpa fever, danced like Allu Arjun, users said Gopi Ben- wash his phone

The trend of making reels on Instagram is not only among common people but celebrities are also seen making reels on the latest and trending songs. Meanwhile, actor Mohammad Nazim Khilji, who plays the role of a very strict and grumpy Ahem ji in Star Plus’s famous show Saath Nibhana Saathiya, recently shared a reel video of his. In this, he is seen dancing on the title track of Pushpa 2 in such a way that the users held their heads and said that Gopi sister, now wash Ahem ji’s phone instead of his laptop.

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Aham ji danced on Pushpa’s song as Allu Arjun
TV actor Mohammad Nazim Khilji shared a video of himself on his Instagram account some time ago. In this video, he is seen dancing to the title song Pushpa-Pushpa of Pushpa 2. In this video, Aham ji is wearing black pants, white shirt and red blazer and he is seen doing the hook step of Pushpa with his feet like Allu Arjun. However, after seeing his video, users are trolling him a lot.

Fans said Aham ji let it be now

This video of Aham Ji aka Mohammad Nazim Khilji is becoming increasingly viral on Instagram and more than 1,32,000 people have liked this video. Some users are making funny comments on it. One user wrote Aham Ji, let it be. One user wrote that I am silent because of Gopi Bahu. At the same time, a user made a funny comment and wrote, Hello Gopi sister, you wash her phone. Similarly, many users made a lot of comments on this funny dance of Aham Ji and trolled him a lot. Let us tell you that this is not the first time, before this Nazim Khilji has created his videos on many viral reels in the same way, on which he is trolled a lot.

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