Akbar’s Ruqaiya Begum’s condition has become like this after 10 years, fans could not recognize Jodha Akbar’s actress, asked – what happened?

Like the film industry, there have been many such memorable characters in the TV industry too, which directly touch the hearts of the fans. One of those characters was Maharani Rukaiya Begum of the TV serial Jodha Akbar. Akbar loved Ruqaiya Begum very much. In the show, she was shown as a very stubborn and obstinate type of Begum. The character of Ruqaiya Begum was played by actress Lavina Tandon. This character brought a lot of popularity to Lavina. But do you know where our beloved Ruqaiya Begum is at this time?

If not, then let us tell you that Lavina Tandon is very active on social media. He has 212K followers on Instagram. Lavina often posts her glamorous pictures here for her fans. Recently, Lavina had shared some of her pictures on Instagram, which the fans liked very much. In this photo, Lavina was seen in water wearing a swimsuit. Lavina’s beauty and her glamorous style were clearly visible in the photo. These pictures of Lavina were from Goa, on which fans had showered a lot of love.

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Many appreciative comments from users have been seen on this photo of Lavina Tandon aka Ruqaiya Begum. Commenting on the photo, one user has written, “omg how beautiful you are looking”. Another has written, ‘Even Jodha looks pale in front of you’. Another has written, ‘You Why are you so beautiful?


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