Akshara Singh and Monalisa came out in the election campaign, people gathered on the streets to get a glimpse

This time during the Kanpur Lok Sabha election campaign, all crowd records are being broken. The crowd gathering on the streets in one road show after another in favor of BJP candidate Ramesh Awasthi is historic. According to experts, for the first time in Kanpur, so much excitement and enthusiasm is being seen among the public regarding elections. On Tuesday, famous Bhojpuri actresses Akshara Singh and Monalisa reached Kanpur to campaign in support of BJP candidate Ramesh Awasthi. Here he did a grand and historic road show. A record number of people came to see them. A crowd of lakhs gathered in the road show and raised slogans in support of BJP candidate Ramesh Awasthi.

This road show, about 6 kilometers long, started from Kali Mathia. A huge crowd gathered during this road show. Slogans of Modi-Yogi Zindabad were being raised from the crowd. Both the actresses were accepting the greetings of the people holding the symbol of lotus flower in their hands. During the road show, crowds of people were seen on the streets of Kanpur. There was enthusiasm among the youth to see a glimpse of Akshara Singh. Hundreds of people showered flowers at Kali Mathia intersection and gave a grand welcome to famous folk singers Akshara Singh and Monalisa. Eagerness was visible among the youth as well as women to see Monalisa.

Akshara Singh and Monalisa were carrying BJP’s election symbol lotus flower in their hands. He bowed down with folded hands of Goddess Kali in front of Kali Devi temple and took blessings. When Akshara Singh reached Kali Mathia, the youth welcomed her warmly by showering flowers. It seemed as if a crowd of people had descended on the areas through which Akshara Singh and Monalisa’s convoy passed. While talking to journalists, Akshara and Monalisa said that a lot of good work has been done in the last 10 years. Modi-Yogi government has taken many steps regarding the safety of women. There has been a lot of change after the BJP government came. In response to a question, Monalisa said that her family is already associated with BJP. She appealed to the people to make Ramesh Awasthi win with huge votes and said that Ramesh Awasthi will do good for Kanpur.

Actress Akshara Singh said that I am very happy today. Kanpur city is not just a city but is a love in itself and whoever comes here becomes a fan of this love. She said that through the road show, I am appealing to the people here to vote as much as possible for the BJP candidate and my brother Ramesh Awasthi. He said that, I am confident that BJP candidate Ramesh Awasthi will work very well in the interest of the public. Along with this, BJP also has many such policies. Due to which people are losing their trust in BJP. And she is liking it too. I myself have been associated with BJP for a long time. Akshara Singh said, being a woman herself, I am very much influenced by the policies of BJP and I also feel very safe in this government. He said that this time the slogan of ‘Paar 400’ is being used very much and the public is also liking this slogan a lot. This time the lotus flower is going to bloom again and Modi ji’s government is going to be formed in Delhi with an overwhelming majority. He said that the bail of the leaders of the opposition party who insulted the Sanatan culture by rejecting the invitation for the consecration ceremony of the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya after 500 years, has to be confiscated.

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