Amitabh Bachchan started praising Hema Malini in front of Jaya Bachchan on stage, Dharmendra handled the matter like this

Whenever the film industry is mentioned, competition, cat fights and box office are discussed but one thing which is not talked about much is the friendship between them. All such information like who is competing with whom, who has taken whose film, remains in the headlines but their dear friendship remains a small news. Today we are talking about friendship because we came across an old video. In this video, the lovely bond between Jai and Veeru i.e. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra is visible. Dharmendra attended the event with wife Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan with wife Jaya Bachchan. All four were sitting together on the stage and when the conversation started, it seemed that these people would just keep talking.

Jai-Veeru’s lovely bonding seen in the video

In the viral video you will see that Amitabh Bachchan starts saying something in praise of Hema Malini on the mic. Big B says, Jaya ji was telling me how much work Hema ji does, she is in politics, she goes to Parliament, manages Mathura, she also dances, she has dance performances and is also singing songs. We don’t do anything at all. Finally Amitabh says, I assure you that we will also try to do the same in future. Jaya and Hema start laughing at this.

After Big B finished talking, Dharmendra takes the mike in his hand and says, ask your heart how much Amit is lying. It has become the engine of the entire industry. Everyone is following behind. Let me see what speed it is going at. I try but this young child does not stop me and keeps doing something or the other. Today it is known that he did this, tomorrow he will do this…the day after tomorrow he will do this…may God give him a very long life. He is my beloved younger brother. Whatever he does will remain a lesson for all of us.

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