An old picture of Dharmendra went viral on Mother’s Day, Dharam Paaji was seen posing with his hand on his mother’s shoulder.

Mother’s Day is being celebrated today i.e. on 12th May. On this day you will see many pictures on social media. People share pictures with their mother to wish her and make her feel special. For now, we are going to show you the photo of your favorite star and his mother. This is why we alerted you about Mother’s Day. Although you might have seen Dharmendra i.e. Dharam Paaji with many heroines, you might have seen him with Hema Malini, you might have seen him with children, but today we are going to show you a very special picture of him in which he is seen with his mother. An Instagram page named Rare Only Photo shared the picture and claimed that Dharmendra is seen with his mother.

Dharam paaji was seen smiling with his mother.

In the viral photo you will see that Dharmendra has placed his hand on his mother’s shoulder and his attention is somewhere else. His mother, wearing a saree and wearing glasses, is looking at something in her hand. It is also possible that she is feeding Dharmendra something with her hand and the same thing is visible in his hand. Well, whatever it is, this picture is becoming very viral on the internet and people are liking it very much. Standing innocently with his mother, Dharam Paaji has a special bond with his entire family. Be it children or grandchildren, Dharmendra is seen meeting everyone very lovingly.

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