Ankita Lokhande called herself a potato, know why the actress said this about herself?

TV actress Ankita Lokhande is going to be seen in a new kind of reality show with her husband and businessman Vicky Jain. Ankita and Vicky will now be seen in a show called ‘Laughter Chef Unlimited Entertainment’. In this show, she will be seen cooking with Vicky Jain and entertaining the audience. Ankita talked about participating in this show. In this, she told that even though she and Vicky do not know how to cook, they know how to entertain the audience well.

Why did you join this show?

When Ankita was asked why she joined this show which is a mix of comedy and cooking, she said, cooking has never been my strong point, so this was a new experience for me and on top of that I was getting a chance to entertain the audience, so how could I say no to this show. When Ankita was asked who she considers her biggest competition in this show, she said, Vicky and I both don’t know how to cook, so I think every contestant will be a competition for us. Now even if we don’t know how to cook, we know how to entertain the audience very well.

How will Ankita manage kitchen and comedy?

Ankita Lokhande told that she has an injury in her hand so Vicky Bhaiya will take care of the cooking. She said, I will only tell him what to do and what not to do. We will work as a team. I hope we will do well.

Ankita called herself a potato

Ankita was asked to imagine herself as a dish and give it a name. She said, I would like to name it Aloo Kurkuri because potatoes fit anywhere, I think I am also like that. Wherever you send me, I fit there.

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