Ankita Lokhande’s father-in-law misbehaved with her mother, said on phone – What is your status?

New revelations and uproar happen all the time in Bigg Boss 17. Last week was family week in Bigg Boss house. The family members of all the contestants came to the show. Ankita Jain’s name remained in discussion during and after this week. There was a serious discussion between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Frustrated, Ankita told Vicky how her (Vicky’s) father had attacked her (Ankita’s) mother. After the scene of throwing slippers in Bigg Boss house, Vicky’s father had called Ankita’s mother Vandana Lokhande. Ankita gave more details about her parents’ conversation.

What did Ankita Lokhande say about Vicky’s father?

After the video of Ankita ‘throwing slippers’ went viral online, Vicky’s father had asked Vandana Lokhande whether she would have behaved similarly with her late husband (Shashikant Lokhande, who died in August 2023). Were. Now Ankita has told Vicky, “My mother was called by Papa (Vicky Jain’s father). He asked, ‘Did you beat your husband like this by throwing slippers and shoes?’ Papa also spoke more. He said, ‘What is your status?’

Ankita further said, “I lovingly told mom (Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain) that she is alone, my father has recently passed away. I felt really guilty and apologized to her. Later my mother told me that father had told her many other things. But I told him not to bring up all these things right now.”

Twitter users’ reaction on Ankita’s revelations

A fan page tweeted the video and wrote, “Vicky’s father not only said ‘Did you beat your husband like this’ but also said ‘What is your status and much more for that woman. All harsh things said by someone who just lost her husband. This is cruel and ridiculous. I am so sick of Vicky’s family drama!!”

One expressed doubt on Ankita and said that she was not being truthful and said, “What is your status…This was not added by anyone else but Ankita because there was no such conversation.” One said, “We didn’t see @janevik’s mom say this to Ankita…so how can you say she’s not lying?

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