Anupamaa: Will the Shah family get Dimpy and Titu married? The actor gave a big hint

This show starring Gaurav Khanna and Rupali Ganguly is leaving no stone unturned in entertaining the audience with its interesting story. The audience is liking the recent track where the entire Shah family is back in Anu’s life. Fans are speculating whether Anuj and Shruti will get married, which may put a break on Maan’s love story for the time being. Apart from this, another love story in which fans are deeply interested. This is the love story of Dimpy and Titu. As Dimpy and Titu will reunite with each other in America in the upcoming episodes. Something new is about to happen. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Life, Kunwar Amar talked about the hope of Dimpy and Titu’s marriage track in the upcoming episodes.

Will Dimpy and Titu get married? Kunwar Amar gave a hint about the upcoming track

When asked what he would like to say to the excited fans who are waiting for Dimpy and Titu’s wedding, Kunwar Amar said, “Honestly, I would just like to tell the fans that whatever you want, whether it is a wedding, any kind. The love story you want to start or end is actually all in your hands. The more you love the characters the more you express your love for the story by giving hints to the makers through social media and TRP. This definitely impacts the decisions of the makers. When the makers see that fans are showering more love on a particular track or couple, then they start paying more attention to those things because after all, that’s how a television show works. Works.

The actor further said, “I just want to tell my fans that if you really want to see Titu and Dimpy (Nishi Saxena) together or you want to see their love story progress or anything else, then show yourself. Keep on loving, keep showing your appreciation and you will get results. To all the fans of Dimpy and Titu, I hope that the kind of happy love story you are looking for will definitely happen for you.”

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