Anurag Doval’s revelation! Something happened in Bigg Boss 17 which was not telecast, people said ‘shameful’

Anurag Dhobal Allegations On Bigg Boss 17 Makers: In Bigg Boss 17, Anurag Doval was evicted from the show in a task given by the makers on the occasion of New Year. After this, a lot of anger was seen on social media by his fans and family. Not only this, he himself was seen blaming the makers. Meanwhile, after leaving Bigg Boss 17, he gave an interview, in which he told about an incident which has not been shown yet in this season of Bigg Boss 17. Not only this, fans are also surprised to hear this.

In fact, in an interview given to Bigg Boss, Anurag Doval told how the makers had mentally harassed him. UK rider 007 said, I was made to do the walk of shame and the entire family was shouting shame shame. Which was not telecast outside. After hearing this story, people’s anger has come to the fore.

One user wrote, OMG what kind of behavior is this of Bigg Boss. Seriously horrible act by the producers.. first they call the people themselves and then do such an insult. Bigg Boss should be ashamed. Another user said, It seems Anurag Doval has had a challenging experience with the makers, in which he referred to the “Walk of Shame” and the family members chanted “Shame-Shame”. It was emotionally painful for this to happen.

Let us tell you, Anurag Doval was seen raising his voice against the makers from the very beginning, due to which the fans of Bigg Boss were also not very happy.

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