Aquaman 2 Box Office Collection: Salar and Donkey together eat ‘Aquaman 2’, the condition of this film is getting worse every day

These days, Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunky and Prabhas’s film Salaar are released at the box office. In terms of earnings, both the films are trying their best to compete with each other. Dunky has earned more than Rs 200 crore at the box office, while Prabhas’ Salaar has also crossed Rs 400 crore. Fans are also seen fighting on social media regarding the films of their favorite stars. But Dinky and Salar together have ruined a Hollywood film at the box office.

The name of this Hollywood is ‘Aquaman 2′. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was released in theaters on December 22 along with Prabhas’s film Salaar, but the film did very badly at the Indian box office. The audience is trying to watch either Shahrukh Khan’s Dinky or Prabhas’ Salaar first. In such a situation, the earnings of DC’s superhero film ‘Aquaman 2’ in India are very low. Earlier, ‘Aquaman’ had received a lot of love from the audience in India and the film had earned a lot of money.

But in the battle between Donkey and Salar, actor Jason Momoa of ‘Aquaman 2’ has lost. According to media reports, in four days this film has managed to earn only Rs 20 crore across India. If reports are to be believed, ‘Aquaman 2’ has a huge budget. The James Wan-directed Aquaman 2 faced significant challenges at the Indian box office compared to its home market. Talking about Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunky, the film has been directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Whereas Salaar has been directed by Prashant Neel.

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