AR Rahman is the most expensive music composer of India, he got a check of only this much rupees for his first film, today his net worth will blow your mind.

Happy Birthday AR Rahman:Generally, when we talk about contemporary and best composers in the world of music, the name of AR Rahman comes first in our mind. The day he entered the world of Indian films, a revolution took place in the Indian music composition field. Let us tell you that before films, Rahman used to give music in ads and jingles and he started giving music in films with Mani Ratnam’s film Roja.

Started with Roza

Seeing the work of music director AR Rahman, in the year 1992, famous filmmaker Mani Ratnam approached him to give music for his film Roja. Rahman immediately agreed and gave such great music in this film that every song of the film became a superhit. Not only this, he also received the National Award for giving music in this film. However, it is said that Rahman was given only Rs 25 thousand for this film.

now owns billions

According to a media report, today Rahman charges Rs 8 crore for a film, while for lending his voice he charges Rs 3 crore for a song. Today he owns property worth more than Rs 2000 crore. His monthly income is more than Rs 15 crore and annual income is more than Rs 150 crore.

Have a passion for luxury cars

Rahman has luxury cars from all over the world. Some of them are Jaguar, Mercedes and Volvo. The price of each of these cars is around Rs 1 to 5.5 crore.

Started music at the age of 11

AR Rahman started playing Casio piano at the age of 11. Apart from this, he is also adept in playing guitar, percussion, drums, harpsichord, continuum fingerboard, keyboard, piano, accordion, goblet drum, concert veena etc. Let us tell you that when he was young, he was seen in Doordarshan’s Wonder Balloon where he became famous as a child who played 4 keyboards simultaneously.

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