Arbaaz Khan’s revelation on the news of dating before marriage! Said- Someone told us…

Arbaaz Khan is in the news these days because of his personal life. Actually, last year the actor married makeup artist Shura Khan, who was 25 years younger to him, after which their marriage came into the headlines. On many occasions, they were seen talking about their relationship. But now the actor has reacted to the news of dating before the news of marriage. Not only this, they have told how long they have been dating each other.

Arbaaz Khan, in an interview to ETimes, regarding the news of dating before marriage, said that he had met Shura on the sets of Patna Shukla. The actor said, this film became special for more reasons than one… It was always a special movie, even before I met Shura for the first time. Because I met him for the first time on the set, before that I had never heard about him or met him.

The actor further said, he was with Raveena Tander about 7-8 years ago. And when we were working on the set, she was doing her work and I was doing mine. Meanwhile, our only communication was fix Raveena’s hair or say hi and hello.

Revealing his date, the actor said that they used to meet at a coffee shop every day before marriage. He said, “People may be shocked or surprised by this, but we were dating for over a year before we took the step… We were very confident about what we were doing. We were very lucky. Earlier, we were meeting outside in a coffee shop and when I would go to pick her up or drop her, no one would see us and she was also happy that there were no paparazzi here, but now, after entering the coffee shop, The media are present there even before that.

Let us tell you, Arbaaz Khan was earlier married to Malaika Arora, which broke in the year 2017 and after breaking the marriage of 19 years, both of them got divorced. However, he is raising his son Arhaan through co-parenting.

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