Arijit Singh was going on a scooty on Holi, when a group of children came with colors, the singer gave such a reaction on the way.

Although in Bollywood, every star appears in a new color in the glare of showbiz, but there are some people who fascinate people with their simplicity. Arijit Singh, who makes people crazy with his brilliant, emotional and magical voice, is one such singer who wins the hearts of fans with his simplicity. Recently the festival of Holi was celebrated and Arijit Singh played Holi like a common man. On one hand, while Bollywood celebrities hold parties and pool parties on Holi, Arijit Singh was seen playing Holi in the streets sitting on a scooter.

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Arijit colored in the colors of Holi

In a video posted on Instagram, Arijit Singh can be seen playing Holi with fans in a very cute manner. In this video you can see how Arijit Singh is bathed in colors and without any hesitation, he goes out on a scooter while playing Holi with his close ones. Some children stop his scooter and apply color on his face and Arijit Singh walks away laughing without showing any anger. People are liking his cute style.

Fans were convinced of Arijit Singh’s simplicity

Let us tell you that due to his very lovely voice, Arijit Singh is counted among the top play back singers of Bollywood. People listen to thousands of his songs again and again and his voice rules the hearts of the people. In such a situation when people change after getting stardom, Arijit Singh’s style has not changed at all. Like before, he mingles among his people and behaves like a common man. Even in this video his fans are praising his behaviour. One user has written – Greatest of all time, the same user has named him World King. One user has written that he has a heart of gold while another user has called him the king of hearts.

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