Arjun Kapoor was not even the first, second or third choice for Two States, the movie was offered to these three heroes first.

Despite belonging to a film family, Arjun Kapoor’s film career has not been very successful. He is seen continuously struggling for hits for the last ten years. The film Two States, released about ten years ago, is the last hit film of his film bouquet. Whatever films were released after this. Arjun Kapoor could not show anything special in it. The surprising thing is that even for Two States, Arjun Kapoor was not the first choice of the makers, before him this film was offered to three other heroes. But if someone refused to do the film then the talks could not be made. Let us tell you who are those three heroes who were offered the film Two States before Arjun Kapoor.

Saif Ali Khan was the first choice of the producers for the movie Two States. According to media reports, Saif Ali Khan had also heard the entire script of the film. But after hearing the story he refused to do the film. After Saif Ali Khan, this film was offered to Shahrukh Khan. It is said that Shahrukh Khan liked the story of the film very much and he also showed interest in doing the film. But his condition was that he would start shooting the film after completing all his projects. But the makers of the film did not want to wait that long. So this film also went out of the hands of Shahrukh Khan.

After Shahrukh Khan, the makers approached Ranbir Kapoor for this film. There were talks with Ranbir Kapoor also but talks could not be reached between Ranbir Kapoor and the makers. After which Ranbir Kapoor also could not be a part of Two States. After the refusal of these three heroes, the film fell into Arjun Kapoor’s lap. The pairing of him and Alia Bhatt was very much liked in this film.

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