At the age of six, he spent his childhood washing cups, did not have money to pay college fees, had predicted his own death.

Do you know who is the person seen behind Amrish Puri in this pic of the film Ardh Satya. This is an actor whose childhood was spent in extreme poverty. When I grew up, I didn’t even have money to pay college fees. Despite that, on the basis of his acting, he achieved such a position that not only Bollywood but also Hollywood became his fan. This actor is none other than Om Puri. Whose life had many ups and downs. But he never let it affect his acting. On the basis of which he made a place in the hearts of the audience of every genre.

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made a living by washing cups

When Om Puri was just six years old, he used to wash tea utensils and cups at a tea stall. Despite struggling day and night to earn a living, Om Puri never had any dream other than acting. For which he played various roles in shows like Bharat Ek Khoj and made his mark. He enrolled in the National School of Drama with Naseeruddin Shah. Many times Naseer helped him financially. After completing his studies from here, Naseeruddin went to take admission in FTII, Pune. But Om Puri could not afford the fees there. Later, with the help of a friend, he took admission there by taking a loan.

prediction of death

In an interview given to BBC in March 2015, Om Puri himself talked about his death. He had laughingly said that there can be no assurance of death that you open the news and hear the news that Om Puri passed away in his sleep at 7.22 am. Something similar happened. Suddenly one day his dead body was found without clothes in his own house. The reason given was heart attack.

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