Australian engineer became crazy about Parveen Bobby, came to Mumbai to meet her and became the villain of Hindi films

In the films of the 90s, you would have often seen an Englishman playing the role of a villain. From the film ‘Mard’ to ‘Kalia’ and ‘Mr India’, he played many big roles in big films. We are talking about Bollywood’s famous villain Bob Christo. Even though Bob used to fight in films, the shades of romance in his real life were also very interesting. The story of Bob reaching India was also very interesting. He left Australia for Muscat but did not get the visa so had to stay in India. One day Bob Christo saw a picture of famous actress Parveen Babi in a magazine and kept looking at her. Bob reached Mumbai with the desire to meet Parveen. The story after this is very interesting. Let’s know the story of the dangerous foreign villain…

Bob Christo’s personal life

Bollywood’s dangerous foreign villain Bob Christo was born in Sydney, Australia in 1938. Went to Germany with father during World War-2. He was brought up there by his grandmother and aunt. Bob continued working in theater for some time but did not make a career in this field. After studying in civil engineering, he made his career in it. It was while doing theater that Bob met Helga who later became his life partner. Both of them had three children. The family had just settled down and within a few years, Helga died in a car accident. After this Bob married a woman named Nargis for the second time. From whom a son was also born. Bob died of a heart attack on March 20, 2011.

Went crazy after seeing Parveen Bobby’s photo

Once in an interview, Bob Christo had shared an interesting story and said that when he saw the picture of Parveen Babi on the cover page of a magazine, he was stunned. The desire to meet him arose. When he came to Mumbai, he met a film unit near the Church Gate. Where it was revealed that the cameraman would meet Parveen Bobby on the set of the film ‘The Burning Train’ the next day. Then the next day, with his help, Bob Parveen reached Bobby. He was talking to the cameraman about Parveen Bobby when suddenly a girl’s voice came from behind. When Bob looked back, Parveen Bobby was there. He went to him and said – You are not Parveen Bobby. Showing the cover of the magazine he said this girl is Parveen.

This is how Bob-Parveen became friends.

Parveen kept laughing for some time after hearing this from Bob. Then she paused for a while and said – I never wear makeup except for shooting. After which both of them became friends. After some time, Bob Christo’s name was also linked with Parveen but this was never confirmed. Later, Bob got the opportunity to work in films with Parveen and both of them worked together in many films. Both lived in each other’s neighborhood. First of all, Sanjay Khan gave Bob the role of villain in the 1980 film ‘Abdullah’. After this, he played the role of villain in films like ‘Qurbani’, ‘Kalia’, ‘Nastik’, ‘Mard’, ‘Mr India’, ‘Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja’ and ‘Gumrah’.

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