Before Amrish Puri, people were afraid of this villain of Bollywood, he had lost his eyesight in his last days.

Villains have more dominance than heroes in Bollywood. By becoming a villain, he has created his own identity in the industry. These villains had instilled fear in the hearts of people with their acting. After which whenever people saw him, they considered him a wrong person. There was one such villain who left his mark as a villain for many decades. Before Amrish Puri or Prem Chopra, there was a fear of this dreaded villain in Bollywood. People were afraid even of the voice of this villain. The villain we are talking about was none other than KN Singh. KN Singh once ruled the industry and at the end of his life his condition was such that he had become dependent on money.

Was selected for Olympics
KN Singh’s father was a lawyer, he also wanted to become a lawyer like his father but later he did not like his profession and entered sports. He started trying his hand in javelin and shot put. Interestingly, he got selected for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. But then he had to go to Kolkata, where his sister was ill.

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Such was the situation in the last days
Prithviraj Kapoor was the one who brought KN Singh into the industry. He ruled for many years. Prithviraj Kapoor had made him a great villain. He ruled for many years but his condition deteriorated towards the end of his life. KN Singh had given an interview to ETimes journalist about which he had told in the year 2023. He had said that KN Singh had told him that he had lost his eyesight due to some disease. He lived with his daughter and remained indoors only. While at one time KN Singh was in power, when his condition became such, no one from the industry even came to inquire about his well-being. KN Singh left this world in the year 2000.

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