Before the Ind Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match, Dhanashree Verma shared this reel, people said- please respect the Indian jersey

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup: The atmosphere is quite hot regarding the match between India vs Pakistan. At this time everyone’s eyes are on this match. Because no matter which match it is or which tournament it is, if India faces Pakistan on the field, then the excitement and craze of the public increases. Currently, today is a stormy match and you can watch this match from 8 pm. Before this match, while on one hand the team is busy in its practice and strategy, on the other hand Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife Dhanashree Verma is busy cheering the team by dancing. Dhanashree shared a reel on Instagram cheering the team. In this reel, she is seen dancing with Neha Kakkar. Both are dancing on the song Pardes is Calling.

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When the dance video went viral, people started scolding Dhanashree. One wrote, please respect the Indian jersey. One wrote, hey Neha didi, wear the Indian t-shirt properly. If you don’t know how to wear it, then don’t wear it. One wrote, this is India’s jersey. It is not necessary to dance in everything. One said, this chappal style will not work in India’s jersey. One wrote, either wear the jersey properly or else your own style is fine. But this will not work.

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