Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar will return to Bigg Boss after elimination! Salman Khan can take a big decision

Something new is being seen every day in Bigg Boss 17. In the recent episode, Abhishek Kumar slapped Samarth Jurel, after which he had to be evicted from the house. In the last episode, it was seen that Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya poked Abhishek a lot. Not only this, Samarth harasses Abhishek a lot and puts tissue paper in his mouth. Abhishek, who has been tolerating Samarth for a long time, is unable to tolerate his actions and slaps him. However, after this they also realize that they made a mistake.

Ankita throws Abhishek out of the house
After this incident, Bigg Boss asks the rest of the housemates whether it was right, to which everyone said that slapping was not justified at all. When Bigg Boss asks the present captain of the house, Ankita, whether Abhishek’s action was right? So Ankita also says that what Abhishek did was not right. Ankita Lokhande gets the power to eliminate due to captaincy and she eliminates Abhishek Kumar. Seeing this promo of Bigg Boss, fans got angry on social media.

Abhishek Kumar will enter again in Bigg Boss 17
However, now according to the latest information, it is being said that Abhishek Kumar may once again enter Bigg Boss 17. Yes, it is being claimed on many fan pages that Abhishek Kumar will enter the house again and this decision will be taken by none other than Salman Khan himself. It is worth noting that people from the TV industry were also unhappy with Abhishek’s elimination.

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