Bigg Boss 17: Munawwar was called ‘woman cheater’ while Abhishek was called ‘woman beater’, comedian said – Bigg Boss has bought 3 houses here…

Only one week is left for the finale of Bigg Boss 17 and all the contestants are busy giving their best. Recently, double eviction was seen in Bigg Boss house, where Ayesha Khan and Isha Malviya had to leave the house. Now, if the latest news is to be believed, Vicky Jain has become evicted from the house. Yes, Vicky Jain has been eliminated from the race for the finale. After hearing this news, fans are getting mixed reactions on social media. Recently a press conference was seen in Bigg Boss house.

The contestants took this press conference held in the house of Bigg Boss 17 seriously and answered every question of the media in a very funny manner. During this, a journalist called Munawar Farooqui a ‘woman cheater’ and Abhishek Kumar a ‘woman beater’, to which both the contestants responded in a very brilliant manner in their own way. A promo is going viral, in which the press is asking sharp questions to Munawwar on his relationship with women. A media person said, ‘Munna badnam hua Bigg Boss ke liye (You became infamous because of this show)’. Responding to which Munawwar says, ‘Bigg Boss built three houses here and destroyed my 1-2’.

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Another journalist accused Munawwar of using women to move ahead. He was also accused of getting close to Ankita to make Mannara jealous and to make Ankita feel jealous. On this, Vicky makes fun of Munawwar and says that the whole country wants to know the answer to this matter.

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