Bigg Boss 17: This contestant can leave the show with a bag full of money, after hearing the name you will say – had not thought of this

As the finale of Bigg Boss 17 is getting closer, the excitement of the audience about the show is reaching its peak. The show has found its five finalists and now there will be a tough competition between them. Meanwhile, a finalist can leave the final race in the show with a bag of money. Under this option, contestants have to choose between a bag of money or the final match. In such a situation, a period of speculation has started regarding who will be that contestant in this season.

They will pick up a bag full of money!

There are now five finalists left in Bigg Boss 17 and the final episode is to be shown on January 28. The show has got its five finalists Ankita Lokhande, Mannara Chopra, Munawar Farooqui, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mashetti. But who will be the contestant carrying the briefcase full of money in this season is yet to be revealed. However, people are making various kinds of speculations on social media. Some people on social media believe that Arun Mashetti can leave the show with a bag of money.

Who will be the winner?

Two names are leading in the race for the winner of the show. People are calling Ankita Lokhande and Munawar Farooqui as the strongest contenders for the Bigg Boss 17 trophy. Apart from this, the name of Abhishek Kumar is also being discussed. However, it will be known only on January 28 who will be crowned Bigg Boss 17. Recently Ankita’s husband Vicky Jain went out of the house.

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