Bobby Deol did not do any wonders in Animal, before him this actor had already danced with a glass on his head, Shivaji Rao was overshadowed by Abrar.

After the movie Animal, Bobby Deol has suddenly become the favorite of headlines. His role of just a few minutes garnered as much applause as he had not received from many of his films. A song of Bobby Deol in this film is becoming a huge hit. This song is Jamal Kudu. The song is already becoming famous, Bobby Deol’s step on it became a big hit in which he is dancing with a glass on his head. But Bobby Deol is not the first film artist to do such a dance. Before him, another actor has shown his talent in this step.

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Shivaji Rao has done this amazing thing

Before Bobby Deol, Nana Patekar had done the wonders of dancing with a glass on his head. In the year 1993, she worked in a film with Rajkumar. The name of the film was Tiranga. One song of this film was a huge hit and is liked a lot even today. The lyrics of the song are Peele Peele O More Raja… Peele Peele O Mere Jaani. Nana Patekar danced on some lines of this song with a glass on his head. Nana Patekar’s name in this film was Shivaji Rao.

Nana was in the role of a policeman

In this movie named Tiranga, Nana Patekar played the role of a police officer. Who, along with Brigadier Surya Dev Singh, sets out to fight a villain named Pralayant. Pralayant is accused of murder of an officer Rudra Pratap. To escape his punishment he wants to run away abroad. In this battle for justice, Brigadier Surya Dev Singh and Shivaji Rao together fight Pralayant and die only after winning the battle.

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