Both the brothers seen in the photo are ruling Bollywood today, the younger brother once wanted to marry the elder brother’s heroine…what do you know?

Often we show you such old throwback pictures in which the actors of Indian cinema look very different and it is very difficult to recognize them in these pictures. In this episode, today we show you a picture of two Punjabi Gabru soldiers of Bollywood who are looking very innocent in this black and white picture and one of them is seen wearing poor shorts and making a tearful face. Let us give you a hint that one of these artists has even buried the Indian flag in Pakistan.

Look carefully at this black and white picture, two unique stars of Bollywood are hidden in these pictures. If you are not able to guess even after seeing the picture, then let us tell you that in this photo, Bobby Deol is sitting on the lap of the person in the middle and the person on whose shoulder he has placed his hand is Sunny Deol. . In this picture, Sunny and Bobby are looking very innocent and Bobby Deol is seen wearing only shorts and making a sad face.

It is noteworthy that Sunny Deol recently made a comeback in films with Gadar 2 and Bobby Deol made a comeback in films with Animal. People would not know about Bobby Deol, who is living a happy married life today, that at one time he wanted to marry Neelam. Neelam has worked with Sunny Deol in many films. However, this relationship did not progress and due to personal reasons both of them broke up.

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