Boyfriend did not call for 10 days, still Wink Girl followed her boyfriend, did not listen to her friend’s advice

Wink Girl Priya Prakash Warrier became famous with one of her songs. In one song, his style was shown to the fans so much that everyone went crazy about him. People were not tired of praising Priya. Not only this, Priya became a national crush overnight. His wink video went viral and after that he got a line of work. Priya is very active on social media. She keeps sharing something or the other every day. This time she has made a reel with her best friend. In which the best friend is seen giving her knowledge about her boyfriend, but she does not listen to her in the end.

Priya Prakash Varrier ignored her friend’s words

In the video, Priya is sitting with her friend. Her friend asks, ‘Your boyfriend has not messaged you for the last 10 days, he does not miss you’. After that Priya shows her Instagram story to her friend. Her friend says today is girls night. I have come here after canceling all my plans. If he calls you, don’t follow him. did you understand. After that Priya’s boyfriend comes and she leaves. The best friend asks her to block him, but Priya doesn’t. After that, when he calls, she goes to talk.

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People made funny comments

People are making funny comments on this video of Priya. One wrote- Please listen to your best friend. While another wrote – We also want such a best friend, but do we deserve such a friend? While one wrote – Please listen to him, he is right. Some people are posting laughing emojis on Priya’s video. Talking about work front, Priya is busy these days with her upcoming projects.

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