Brother-in-law Ayush Sharma ignored Salman Khan in the crowd, everyone kept watching, fans said – Brother is silent because of sister

There is no such person in Bollywood in front of whom Salman Khan is present, yet he turns his eyes away and walks away. Maybe there is no one like that. On the contrary, wherever Salman Khan is present, there is a queue of fans. Even big stars stand still in front of him. Some shake hands and some hug. But it seems that Salman Khan’s brother-in-law has lost his respect. Who passed by Salman Khan but did not even look back towards Salman Khan. You must have understood from brother-in-law what we are talking about. We are talking about Ayush Sharma. Whose video ignoring Salman Khan is going viral.

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Did you ignore Salman Khan?

This video of Salman Khan is going viral, which has been shared by the Instagram handle named Pratham Jaala 30. In this video, Salman Khan is seen standing among the crowd. His bodyguard Shera is also present behind him. Suddenly Ayush Sharma is also seen moving ahead of this crowd. Whose Ruslaan movie is also going to be released recently. He comes ahead of the crowd and reaches next to Salman Khan. But don’t even look at Salman Khan. While Salman Khan is watching them. Ayush Sharma walks ahead without even looking at him and Salman Khan keeps looking at him.

This is the second Ronald

Salman Khan will surely be surprised to see himself being ignored. His fans are also surprised. Some people are shocked and question whether Ayush Sharma ignored Salman Khan. A fan wrote that Ayush Sharma is the second Ronaldo who is ignoring Salman Khan. One user wrote that what is Ayush Sharma’s personality in front of Salman Khan that he would ignore him?

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