Bull made a grand entry in the middle of the wedding, wedding guests ran away with plates of food in their hands, couldn’t control laughing after watching the VIDEO

Strange incidents are often seen during marriages. Some incidents are so funny that it doesn’t take long for them to go viral as soon as they appear on social media. We have brought one such very funny video for you. After watching this wedding video, you will definitely not be able to control your laughter. In the video you can see that a wedding is taking place in the open lawn, then something happens that creates chaos among the people.

This viral video has been shared from the wedus.in page, on which people are getting funny reactions. This video is now being shared on different platforms also. In the video you can see that there is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere, but then a bull comes there and creates a ruckus. The bull also starts chasing the people present at the wedding. In the video you can see how the arrival of the bull creates chaos. Users are giving their funny reactions on this video.

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Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘This is called Bull crazy in a stranger’s marriage.’ So one has written, ‘The bull has also come to participate in the function. He should also be allowed to enjoy the food. While another has written, ‘The show stopper has entered’. Let us tell you, this video, which was shared a few hours ago, has received lakhs of likes at different places. How did you like this funny video? Please let us know by commenting.

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