Career started with a few seconds of dance in chorus dance, the hair style for which Raj Kapoor scolded became a trend setter

Do you remember any actress in Bollywood whose name itself became a style? Maybe I don’t remember any such name. Except the name of one actress who is seen in this picture. Sometimes by playing serious roles and sometimes by giving romantic performances, this actress created her special identity. Now after hearing about Bareilly Ke Jhumka, whether you remember the name of the film or not, you will definitely remember that bubbly face which makes this song very special. This actress is Sadhna who got work in films for just one rupee. Once the gates of the film industry opened, Sadhna never looked back.

Started with chorus dance

Sadhna had a desire to work in films since childhood. Seeing his interest, his father got him a job in a film. This film was Shree 420 in which Sadhna got a chance to dance only in the chorus. The lead hero of this film was Raj Kapoor, with whom Sadhna got a chance to share the screen in Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh Mud Mud Ke. However, after the release of the film, most of Sadhna’s shots were cut. She was seen in the crowd of dancers only for a few seconds. After this she was signed for the film Abana for just one rupee. This is said to be the first Sindhi film of the country.

scolded for hair style

Her hairstyle has become famous by the name of Sadhna. But because of this hairstyle, he had to be scolded by Raj Kapoor. Every time action was said, Sadhna would first start combing her hair. Raj Kapoor was irritated on this matter. He also scolded Sadhna. Raj Kapoor was a star at that time, yet Sadhna got into trouble with him. After this, this style became Sadhna’s special identity and her name also became a trend setter.

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