Children went abroad, husband remained busy with work, this actress became a victim of depression, had once become a star overnight.

Bhagyashree is one of the most favorite actresses of Bollywood. She entered Bollywood with Sooraj Barjatya’s film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ opposite Salman Khan. The debut film made him famous in every household. Because everyone liked her innocent style in the role of Suman. Recently, the actress sat for a special interview with Pinkvilla, during which she talked about her long illustrious career and many other things. Apart from this, the actress remembered the time when she lost confidence in herself and went through a period of depression.

Bhagyashree spoke her heart out on depression

During the interview, Bhagyashree stressed that self-confidence is actually very important. Because he also discussed losing himself. He said, “Belief in yourself is very important…I think somewhere in the middle of my life I lost faith in myself and that was a phase of my life when my children were not with me… .Avantika had moved to London, husband was busy with business work. For me it was almost a void and I started questioning myself who I am, what I really like, what makes me happy, What makes me smile? Today people say ‘depression’ very easily. At that time we did not know what depression was. Maybe I was going through the same thing at that time.

Bhagyashree says, “I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself would I want to be friends with the person I saw in the mirror and I said no…and I couldn’t recognize myself and I said I shouldn’t be like that . I need to change that narrative for myself.” The actress credited her daughter for helping her heal during such times. She shared, “I think my daughter helped me. He told the family that the mother was going through depression. He told my friends to take mom out…to meet her. It would be good for him to meet as many people as possible. “I think that’s when I first made friends.”

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