Dated two superstars together, had bad relations with both, then got married to a family doctor…did you recognize this actress?

Now is the era of Pan India movies. When stars keep coming from Bollywood to Tollywood and from Tollywood to Bollywood. But there was a time when very few stars from South used to move to Bollywood. This series was started by an actress in the 50s. Who surprised with her beauty. He impressed people with his acting and won the hearts of people with his dancing skills. The girl seen in the picture is the same actress. This actress was Vyjayanti Mala. Who got a lot of love in the Hindi film industry. His career also remained at the height of success. Who sometimes had to suffer losses due to their own relationships.

Name associated with two superstars

Vyjayanti Mala’s journey in Bollywood started around the fifties. By then she had become a well-known name in South Indian cinema. When she came to Bollywood, here too she did not waste time in impressing the audience with her beauty and her skills. Because of her popularity, she had become the first choice of every big hero. All the big stars including Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Raj Kapoor used to aspire to work with him. It was during this time that stories of their relationship started doing the rounds. His name started being associated with both Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.

married a doctor

According to media reports, film factors certainly played a role in spoiling the friendly relationship between Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor. Vyjayanti Mala was also a reason. Because she was in a relationship with both her close friends at the same time. Angered by this, Dilip Kumar even got him out of some of his films. One of which was Ram and Shyam. Amidst all these ups and downs in the relationship, Vyjayanti Mala married Raj Kapoor’s family doctor, Dr. Bali. While getting treatment from Dr. Bali, he fell in love with him. Both became so serial that the married Dr. Bali got divorced and married Vyjayanti Mala.

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