Dharmendra used to walk miles everyday for 40 days to watch this actress’s movie, he was crazy for her not Hema Malini

This handsome young man from Punjab achieved what he had set out to do in his childhood. This young man liked a heroine’s film so much that he would walk miles every day for 40 days to watch her film. Slowly, he started dreaming of making a career in the film world and after a lot of hard work and struggle, he achieved a big position in the film industry. If you are unable to recognize this handsome young man from Punjab, then let us help you.

After watching his film I decided to become a hero

Yes, we are talking about the powerful Dharmendra i.e. Dharam Paji. Dharmendra’s name is taken as a superstar in Bollywood. Dharam Paji is such an actor of the film world, who has a strong body, great voice and smart look and crores of people are crazy about his brilliant acting. His father was a headmaster and had a very strict temperament. But Dharmendra worked very hard to fulfill his dream. When he was studying in Phagwara College, he used to come to Jalandhar by bus and watch movies. He watched Suraiya’s film Dillagi 40 times and decided that he too would become an actor.

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winner of talent hunt

Meanwhile, Dharam Paji came to know that Filmfare magazine was looking for new faces as actors. Dharam Paji sent his name for this talent hunt. It is a coincidence that Dharmendra became the winner of this talent hunt among thousands of people. But even after going to Mumbai, his path was not easy. It was very difficult to get work here and it was even more difficult to survive without money. He had to spend many nights hungry and he kept roaming around the studios.

This is how this Bollywood star shone

After this, Dharmendra got his first break in 1960 when Arjun Hingorani cast him in the film Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere. After this, he worked in many films but his first hit was Phool Aur Patthar. After this, Dharmendra never looked back. Dharmendra, who has given hundreds of hits, is still quite a hit in this era. He is continuously doing films and along with his sons, his grandsons have also joined the film world.

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