Dhoni in South film, ‘Oh son’ will come out of your mouth after watching the video…This video went viral before the match of CSK Vs GT

IPL 2024 has started and this is a time when film and cricket lovers come together to celebrate this game. Here cricketers from all over the world take the field and celebs are seen sitting in the audience. Celebs are not only spectators but also team owners like Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta. This is the only reason why in this matter the public cannot keep films away from cricket and cricket from films. Currently, a video of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is going viral on the internet. ‘Oh son’ came out of my mouth after watching the video and I have full hope that you too will not be able to stop yourself if you watch it.

What is the scene?

This scene seems to be from a South Indian film. In this, the hero is moving forward with folded hands amidst a huge crowd. Judging by the style of black shirt and lungi, it seems that he is Rajinikanth. In this video, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s face has been fitted on Rajinikanth’s face. Dhoni has goggles on his face and a tilak on his forehead to come back only after winning the trophy.

If we talk about IPL 2024, today i.e. on March 26 at 7:30 pm, Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans are face to face. Both these teams have made a good start. Chennai had defeated Royal Challenger Bangalore in the season opener. After defeating Mumbai Indians, Gujarat Titans will also enter the field to compete with Chennai.

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